C R A F T  T R A D I T I O N


We care about your satisfaction for many years

Top quality, traditional craftsmanship and individual approach to customers are our philosophy. For 25 years we produce and sell women's and men's leather and fur garments and interior accessories.

Our flagship is a 400 sqm Showroom in the city of Kolín and the facilities of its own production workshops.

We offer among other custom bespoke manufacturing, complex consulting and customer service and repairs.

M A T E R I A L S 

Being selected for you with an utmost care

One of the most important bases of our philosophy is to select quality materials.

You can find many luxury materials, like fur, suede fur, clothing and furniture leather in our offer to discover.

The furs are bought at world auctions and have their certificates of authenticity, quality, and origin of the material.

Furs are valued by the customers for its ability to bring genuine emotional experience.

C L I E N T S '  

C O O P E R A T I O N 

We love new challenges

We have become a stable and reliable partner for garment designers, renowned clothing company, specialized dealers, VIP, who are looking for high quality, originality, and expertise in processing leather and fur.

SC Strnad & Červinka, Plynárenská 830, Kolín, 280 02, +420 321 710 252